Inspiring Kids for Inventions: Kid Inventors Day Activities

We are so excited to celebrate Kid Inventors Day! This special day recognizes the achievements of young learners who use their imaginations to solve problems. Activities and experiences that encourage creativity can have lasting benefits on learning, development, and independence.

As inspiring educators, parents, and caretakers, we must nurture and support young inventors. That’s why we’ve prepared a series of easy and fun activities for kids to explore the world of invention. By using simple items from around your home or classroom, these hands-on activities will stimulate creative thinking in all kinds of ways.

Moreover, these activities are designed to spark curiosity in kids about invention and engineering. From designing mini cities out of cardboard boxes to constructing giant cardboard robots, your little inventors are sure to be enthralled. So let’s get started!

Introduction to Kid Inventors Day

We are so excited to introduce our readers to Kid Inventors’ Day! This annual event is celebrated every January 17th and is dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation in the next generation. It’s a great way to learn about science, mathematics, and history in a fun and engaging way.

This special day was chosen to honor Benjamin Franklin’s birthday. As one of the founding fathers of America, Franklin was a prolific inventor and scientist who revolutionized everything from politics to electricity through his innovative thinking. Celebrating Kid Inventors’ Day is the perfect way to pay homage to him and other inspiring inventors around the world.

This year, join us in celebrating Kid Inventors’ Day with your preschooler or toddler! At home or in the classroom, there are plenty of inspiring activities that will spark your child’s curiosity and creativity. Put on your thinking caps and let’s explore some fun activities that will help kids get excited about inventions!

Benefits of Problem Solving

We all know that kids are naturally curious and inventive, so why not use that to your advantage? By encouraging problem-solving activities within your home and in the classroom, not only will it give your young children an opportunity to exercise their creativity and explore their surroundings, but it also offers a wealth of benefits too.

At its core, problem solving teaches vital skills such as creative thinking and planning. It also allows children to develop emotional stability – being able to remain calm under pressure, think logically and evaluate the situation from all angles. In addition to that, it gives toddlers a chance to observe their environment with heightened focus and comprehension. This means they can identify cause-and-effect relationships in order to make better decisions for future events.

By creating an atmosphere ripe for learning through exploration and problem solving activities, you’ll be able to guide even the youngest of toddlers on the journey towards becoming great innovators!

Fun Games to Encourage Innovation

We know that playing games can be a great way to support a child’s growth and development. So why not use it to get your little ones excited about inventing and innovating during Kid Inventors Day?

Board games are a great option for teaching kids organizational skills, like turn-taking, strategizing, and problem-solving. For example, you can play simple card games with your toddlers and have them sort out the cards in different ways. Or you can introduce them to simple board games like checkers or Connect Four so they can practice working within a game system.

And don’t forget that no inventor should be without an imagination! Games like charades, acting out stories together and dress-up are all great ways to spark creative thinking in the younger ones. You can also try out some craft activities that challenge toddlers to make something from random supplies or everyday objects. These activities will help them learn how to identify problems, come up with ideas for solutions, and test their creations.

These activities are sure to get your little inventors off on the right foot!

Brainstorming Ideas for Fun Inventions

We think creative thinking is the perfect way to celebrate Kid Inventors Day—which is why brainstorming activities should be top of your list! This can help your kids understand how inventors come up with ideas that make a positive impact in the world.

To get started, consider writing down ideas on a dry-erase board, chalkboard or even post-it notes! This will help them organize their ideas and see them on paper, which might inspire new possibilities. The concept of “brainstorming” was actually invented by Alex Osborn in the 1930s—so it’s been proven to work for generations!

Encourage your kids to really go wild with their imaginations. Maybe they can come up with a way to make their toys easier to clean or a way to store their books conveniently. Ask them questions like ‘How would this make life easier?’ or ‘How could this be used by other people?’—these will help reframe the challenge and motivate new perspectives.

With these awesome activities, you’ll have them motivated and ready for more challenges!

Crafting a Prototype Together

Once your kids have come up with an invention and detailed design plans, it’s time to bring the class together as a group and do some prototyping! Brainstorming and crafting a prototype with the help of their teachers, parents, and/or classified staff can be an incredibly educational and inspiring experience.

If you’re stuck on kid inventors day activities for toddlers, try these ideas to help them craft amazing prototypes:

  1. Paper Prototyping – Have the kids each draw a still from their game on paper, then sequence them together to form a story. This is perfect for kids who are interested in video game design as well!
  2. Hands-on Crafts – Challenge the kids to create working prototypes with everyday objects. This could include crafting two different board games, inventing new tools from toys in the classroom, or building vehicles from blocks & Legos.
  3. Online Design – Have your students explore online design programs like Tinkercad to sketch out and 3D print their inventions!
  4. Storytime – Have your toddler class record or write stories highlighting their innovation process & experiences during Kid Inventors Day activities—they’ll never forget something they wrote down themselves!

Celebrate With a Special Invention Show

We think that Kid Inventors Day is the perfect time to encourage kids to think outside the box and let their imaginations run wild! To celebrate, why not host your own special invention show? There is an endless list of crafts, games, and activities you can do that are inspired by inventions, and it can be great fun for both teachers and kids alike.

Activities Inspired By Inventions

For starters, you can get the kids to make their own pipe cleaner robots or paper planes. Maybe they could even design their own mini-windmills after researching how actual windmills work! Not only can these activities help bring inventions to life for kids, but it also encourages problem-solving and creative thinking.

Kid Inventors YouTube Channel

Another great way to get your kid inventors motivated is by checking out the ‘Kids Invent Stuff’ YouTube channel. It’s a program set up to give 4-11 year olds the chance to have their invention ideas built (with some adult supervision of course!). This gives older children the opportunity to use their creativity and develop a deeper understanding of how things are put together.

Inventions Challenge For Kids

Finally, you could introduce them to the ‘Invention Challenge For Kids’—a perfect way for kids to learn about trial and error process. This challenge involves working in groups or individually on inventing something new—an ideal way for young minds explore their problem-solving skills in a fun environment!


By incorporating these kid inventors day activities and resources into your curriculum, you can show your students that inventing is fun, and that their ideas matter. You can help them understand that inventing is a unique way to make the world better, and to find creative solutions to its problems. With the right encouragement and guidance, your students can turn their ideas into inventions that can shape the future.

Inspiring kids to invent is one of the most rewarding things we can do as teachers and parents. After all, these kid inventors of today will become the innovators of tomorrow, who will bring us into the future. Let us embrace their amazing ideas and help them to follow their dreams!

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