Educational Toilet Paper Roll Activities for Kids

Educational Toilet Paper Roll Activities for Kids

Have you ever looked at an empty toilet paper roll and thought about all the creative ways you could reuse it? If you have kids, those cardboard tubes can be an easy and inexpensive craft supply for fun educational activities. As a parent, you’re always looking for ways to keep your kids learning and engaged, especially on days when they’re stuck inside. These toilet paper roll crafts will spark their imagination and help strengthen important skills in reading, math, science and more. The best part is, all you need is a few basic supplies you already have at home. Get ready to turn trash into treasure and watch your kids light up as they learn new things through the simple act of creating. These crafts are perfect for preschool and elementary-aged children and will provide hours of entertainment on a rainy day or any day.

Introducing Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids

Flower Bouquet

Toilet paper rolls make a perfect base for crafting small flower bouquets. Have your kids cut the rolls in half and then cut petal shapes out of colored paper, felt or fabric. Glue the petals onto the outside of the roll, covering it completely. Cluster 3 to 5 of the rolls together, securing them with tape or string, and you’ve got an adorable flower bouquet! This craft helps kids develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Bird Feeder

Turn toilet paper rolls into bird feeders for your backyard. Have your kids fill the rolls with birdseed, nuts, dried fruit or pine cones coated in peanut butter and birdseed. Then tie a string around the roll and hang it from a tree branch. Kids will have fun observing the different birds that come to feed. This engages children with nature and the local wildlife in your area.

Stamping Station

Toilet paper rolls also make great stampers. Have your kids cut various shapes out of the end of the rolls, like stars, circles or leaves. Then they can dip the shaped end in paint and stamp patterns onto paper. This helps kids explore shapes, patterns and color in an open-ended, creative way.

With some colored paper, glue, paint and string, toilet paper rolls transform into crafts that inspire kids’ imagination and help develop important skills. And the best part? These eco-friendly crafts are simple, budget-friendly and fun for kids of all ages.

Top 10 Educational Toilet Paper Roll Activities

Toilet paper rolls provide an easy craft supply for kids and tons of learning opportunities. Here are 10 educational activities using toilet paper rolls:

Sorting and Counting

Have kids sort rolls by size, color or pattern and count how many of each. This helps build math and cognitive skills.

Making a Toy

Turn rolls into binoculars, telescopes, kazoos or other toys. Kids can decorate the rolls, connect them and use their imagination. This boosts creativity.

Creating Animals

Make caterpillars, snakes, fish or other creatures. Have kids cut rolls to size, add construction paper shapes for heads and tails and stickers, crayons or paint for decorating. This teaches art and motor skills.

Building Structures

Use empty rolls to build towers, roads, tunnels or other structures. Challenge kids to make the tallest tower or longest road. This develops engineering thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Making Instruments

Turn rolls into drums, rain sticks, xylophones or other musical instruments. Kids can fill rolls with beans, rice, or small objects and seal the ends to make shakers and rattles. This introduces music and sound concepts.

Practicing Letters and Words

Have kids write letters, their name or short words on rolls to practice pre-writing and spelling skills. They can also trace dotted lines on rolls. This aids in literacy development.

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Kids can weave yarn, string or ribbon through holes in rolls, lace cards with rolls or stack and sort rolls by size to improve dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Learning About Plants and Growth

Use rolls as planters or vases and have kids observe how plants grow over time. Measure and record plant growth and have discussions about the life cycle of plants. This teaches biology and scientific method.

Growing Seeds in Rolls

Roll up wet paper towels and have kids place seeds inside, roll the ends closed and tape them shut. Place the rolls in cups of soil and water regularly. Observe how the seeds sprout and grow from the rolls. This teaches about plant germination and growth.

Exploring Science Concepts

Fill rolls with rice, pasta or beads and have kids predict how many will fit inside. Count to check their predictions. Talk about volume, capacity and unit measurement. Kids can also observe how rolls roll and bounce, exploring forces and motion.

Practicing Fine Arts

Let kids decorate rolls with markers, paint, glitter or stickers to develop design skills. They can also use rolls as stencils or templates to trace patterns. This helps build creativity and self-expression through art.

As you can see, using simple toilet paper rolls in crafts and activities for kids provides countless opportunities for learning through play. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Try some of these fun and educational toilet paper roll crafts with the children in your life today.

Exploring Measurement

Have kids measure and compare the length, circumference and diameter of rolls using rulers, tape measures and string. Discuss which rolls are longer, shorter, wider or narrower. This builds measuring ability and comparing skills.

Making Prints and Rubbings

Kids can turn rolls into printing blocks or make rubbings by placing rolls under paper and rubbing over them with crayons or pencils. Decorate rolls to make more complex prints and patterns. This helps develop art and design skills.

Fun Toilet Paper Roll Crafts to Spark Creativity

Toilet paper rolls offer a perfect crafting material for kids. They’re inexpensive, recyclable and come in a variety of sizes for different ages and skills. Here are a few fun toilet paper roll crafts to spark your child’s creativity:


  • Cut two toilet paper rolls in half lengthwise.
  • Decorate the rolls by gluing on paper, stickers, ribbons or painting them.
  • Attach the halves together with duct tape, string or ribbon, leaving space for the child’s eyes.
  • Let your little explorer go on an adventure! These homemade binoculars will inspire imaginative play.

Toilet Paper Roll Unicorn Craft:

  • Begin by transforming an ordinary toilet paper roll into an enchanting unicorn using a variety of materials such as coloured paper, vibrant paints, sparkling glitter, and soft yarn.
  • Carefully cut out shapes for the unicorn’s horn, ears, and eyes from the paper, and secure them firmly onto the toilet paper roll with glue.
  • Select your favourite hue to paint the roll, covering it completely in a coat of your chosen colour.
  • For an added touch of magic and shimmer, sprinkle some glitter over the wet paint, allowing it to stick and create a dazzling effect.
  • Measure and cut lengths of yarn for the unicorn’s flowing mane and tail, attaching them with glue to give your unicorn a full and lively appearance.
  • Enhance your unicorn’s charm by embellishing it with colourful stickers or shiny gems, placed thoughtfully on the roll.
  • This craft activity is excellent for nurturing fine motor skills in young crafters, as well as sparking their imagination and creativity.

Rocket Craft:

  • Embark on an exciting space adventure by crafting a rocket ship from a simple toilet paper roll, perfect for young astronauts and space enthusiasts.
  • Gather your materials: a toilet paper roll, construction paper in various colours, a pair of scissors, glue, and some markers for decoration.
  • Start by cutting a cone shape from paper to form the rocket’s nose cone, and attach it securely to one end of the toilet paper roll.
  • Create additional paper cut-outs for the rocket’s fins and a vibrant flame, affixing them to the opposite end of the roll to complete the basic structure of your rocket.
  • Unleash your creativity by decorating the rocket with markers, drawing windows, patterns, or even a name for your spacecraft. Feel free to add stickers or any other decorative elements you fancy.
  • For a playful twist, make a small hole at the top of the cone and attach a string, allowing you to hang your rocket as a mobile or display.
  • This craft is not only fun but also educational, offering a playful way to explore geometric shapes, learn about different colours, and encourage imaginative pretend play.

Toilet paper rolls offer endless possibilities for crafts and learning. Work with your kids on sorting and classifying the rolls by size, using them for counting and patterning activities. Once complete, the crafts themselves become toys for imaginative play. With some paint, string, glue and creativity, simple toilet paper rolls can provide hours of fun and learning.

Nature-Inspired Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Nature is full of inspiration for kids’ crafts. Toilet paper rolls provide an easy canvas for creating creatures and scenes found outdoors. These nature-themed crafts are fun for kids and help them develop skills like cutting, gluing and painting.

Bird Feeders

Turn toilet paper rolls into bird feeders by covering one end with mesh, string or yarn and filling the tube with birdseed. Kids can decorate the rolls however they like using paint, stickers, glitter or natural items like leaves and feathers. Hang the feeders from tree branches in your yard and observe the birds that visit. This craft helps kids learn about local birds and their feeding habits.

Flower Pots

Recycle toilet paper rolls into mini flower pots for kids to plant seeds or small plants. Have kids decorate the rolls with paint, stickers, washi tape or decoupage paper to make the pots more decorative. Fill the bottom with soil and plant quick-growing seeds like beans, sunflowers or marigolds.


Toilet paper rolls make perfect bodies for colorful butterflies. Have kids cut wings from cardstock or felt and glue them onto the rolls. Add pipe cleaner antennae, googly eyes and patterns to the wings with stickers, glitter, paint or markers. String the butterflies together to make a garland to display. This craft teaches kids about butterfly anatomy and the diversity of wing patterns and colors.


Turn toilet paper rolls into spotty ladybugs. Have kids paint the rolls red and add black spots. Glue on felt legs, antennae and a felt head. Add googly eyes to bring the ladybugs to life. Use a black marker to add details like the lines behind the head and the spots on the legs. Display the ladybugs on plants or string them up to make a garland. This craft helps kids learn to observe details in nature.

Nature provides so much inspiration for kids. With a little imagination, toilet paper rolls can be transformed into creatures and scenes found outdoors, teaching kids skills and helping them discover more about the natural world.

How to Make Binoculars With Toilet Paper Rolls

Making binoculars out of toilet paper rolls is an easy and fun craft for kids. All you need are a few basic supplies and a little imagination.

What You’ll Need

  • Two empty toilet paper rolls
  • String or yarn
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Markers, stickers, paint (optional for decorating)


  1. Start by decorating your toilet paper rolls if desired. Let kids color, stick stickers or paint the rolls to make them more fun. Let the rolls dry completely if painted.
  2. Use the scissors to cut one end off each roll at an angle to make “lenses”. Round the edges to make circles. These will be the eyepieces for your binoculars.
  3. Take the two rolls and line them up end to end. Wrap string or yarn around the center a few times and tie tightly to hold the rolls together. Trim off any excess string.
  4. Reinforce the center tie with tape for durability. You can also tape around the outside of the rolls for a sturdier bond.
  5. Look through the “lenses” or open ends of the rolls. Objects in the distance should appear larger like when using real binoculars. Adjust the angle of the rolls for the best magnification.
  6. To focus better, you can slide the rolls back and forth. This works best for kids with eyes spaced average distance apart. For wider or narrower set eyes, you may need to adjust the angle of the rolls.
  7. Your DIY binoculars are now ready for adventures! Kids can explore the backyard looking at birds, leaves and other things up high. These binoculars make a great craft and toy to inspire imaginative open-ended play.

Making your own binoculars is an enjoyable craft that also helps develop skills like creativity, problem-solving and fine motor development in children. Most of all, it leads to hours of fun pretend play and learning through exploration of the world.

DIY Stamping With Toilet Paper Rolls

Stamping with toilet paper rolls is an easy, fun craft for kids that also helps develop motor skills and creativity.


For this activity, you’ll need:

  • Empty toilet paper rolls
  • Tempera paint or washable ink pads in a variety of colors
  • Paper (construction, scrapbook, etc.)
  • Paint trays or plates
  • Baby wipes or damp paper towels for cleaning up


  1. Cut the toilet paper rolls in half to make shorter rolls that are easier for kids to handle. You can also leave some rolls whole for bigger stamps.
  2. Pour a little tempera paint onto the paint trays or plates. Washable ink pads also work great for stamping and are less messy. Have the kids roll or press the toilet paper rolls in the paint to coat the end of the roll.
  3. Show the kids how to press the painted roll onto a piece of paper to make a print. Encourage them to experiment with different colors and overlapping prints. They can also stamp onto the paper in a pattern to create a fun design.
  4. Once finished, use baby wipes or damp paper towels to wipe excess paint from the toilet paper rolls before doing another print. Have the kids sign and date their artwork to make personalized masterpieces to display!

Stamping is an open-ended art activity that sparks creativity in kids. They can make simple prints or complex patterns and pictures using the toilet paper roll stamps. Mixing colors and coming up with new ways to arrange the stamps helps kids develop problem-solving skills in a fun, hands-on way. Displaying their finished works of art will make the kids feel proud of their creation. With some imagination, those empty toilet paper rolls become the tools for making mini masterpieces!

Building Fine Motor Skills With Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Toilet paper rolls are perfect for building fine motor skills in little hands. These crafts help develop dexterity and hand-eye coordination through twisting, squeezing, and manipulating the rolls. Kids can strengthen their fingers, hands and wrists by pinching, grasping and maneuvering the tubes into different shapes and forms.


Turning toilet paper rolls into binoculars is a fun way for kids to work on fine motor skills. Have them decorate the rolls however they like, then attach the rolls together with string, yarn or elastic bands. They’ll need to pinch and manipulate the materials to secure the rolls together and adjust the “binoculars” to the proper width for their eyes. Using the binoculars to explore the world around them adds an extra element of imaginative play.

Bird Feeders

Creating bird feeders from toilet paper rolls provides opportunities for developing fine motor abilities. Kids can fill the rolls with birdseed, nuts, dried fruit or cereal and seal the ends shut by pinching and twisting wire, string or pipe cleaners around the openings. They’ll need to handle the small materials and rolls with care to create a vessel that securely contains the food. Hanging the feeders outside allows kids to observe the birds enjoying their handiwork.

Stampers and Rollers

Turning toilet paper rolls into stampers, rollers and printing tools helps build fine motor skills through cutting, squeezing and manipulating the tubes. Kids can create shapes, animals or letters out of the rolls to use as stamps. Or they can glue on buttons, beads, ribbons and other found objects to the rolls to make textured rollers and print patterns. Pinching and rolling the tubes in paint and then onto paper provides opportunities for kids to control the amount of pressure and movement.

Engaging kids in toilet paper roll crafts and activities helps ensure the development of fine motor abilities and hand skills that are essential for so many areas of life. With some imagination, toilet paper rolls can be transformed into fun tools for building dexterity and learning through creativity.

Recycling and Repurposing With Toilet Paper Rolls

Kids can get creative with toilet paper rolls by reusing and repurposing them into fun craft projects. Toilet paper rolls are inexpensive, eco-friendly materials that spark imagination. Repurposing and recycling these rolls teaches kids valuable lessons about sustainability and the environment.

Toilet paper rolls are one of those items that we use every day, but often end up throwing away or recycling. However, there are many creative and practical ways to reuse these cardboard tubes and give them a new life. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

1. Make Seed Starter Pots

If you love gardening, you can use toilet paper rolls to make biodegradable seed pots for starting your plants. Simply cut a few slits in the bottom of each roll and fold them up to create a container. Fill them with soil and plant your seeds. When the seedlings are ready to transplant, you can plant the whole pot in the ground, as the cardboard will decompose over time.

2. Make Cord Organizers

Toilet paper rolls can help you keep your cords and cables tidy and untangled. You can decorate the rolls with paper, paint, or stickers to make them look more attractive. Then, wrap your cords around your hand and slide them into the rolls. You can label the rolls with the type of cord or device they belong to. You can also store the rolls in a box or a drawer for easy access.

3. Make Wall Art

You can create beautiful and unique wall art with toilet paper rolls. You can cut the rolls into thin rings and glue them together in different shapes and patterns. You can also paint or spray paint them in different colors to match your decor. You can make flowers, stars, hearts, or any other design you like. Then, hang your wall art on your wall with nails or adhesive hooks.

4. Make Napkin Rings

You can make elegant and festive napkin rings with toilet paper rolls for your next dinner party or holiday celebration. You can cut the rolls into smaller sections and cover them with fabric, ribbon, lace, or paper. You can also embellish them with beads, buttons, flowers, or any other accessories you have. Then, slide your napkins through the rings and place them on your table.

5. Make Fire Starters

Toilet paper rolls can also help you start a fire in your fireplace, campfire, or barbecue. You can stuff the rolls with dryer lint, newspaper, or cotton balls. You can also add some wax, pine cones, or herbs for extra fuel and fragrance. Then, light the end of the roll and place it under your wood or charcoal. The roll will burn slowly and steadily, giving you enough time to get your fire going.

6. Make Toilet Roll Animals

You can make fun and cute toilet roll animals with your kids using toilet paper rolls and some craft supplies. You can paint the rolls in different colors and add googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, feathers, or any other materials you have. You can make cats, dogs, rabbits, owls, penguins, or any other animals you like. You can also use the animals as puppets, toys, or decorations.

What we thought as waste is not really waste

Toilet paper rolls are not just waste, they are versatile and useful materials that you can recycle and repurpose in many ways. You can make practical items, decorative items, or fun items with them. You can also unleash your creativity and imagination and come up with your own ideas. By reusing toilet paper rolls, you can save money, reduce waste, and have fun.

Recycling toilet paper rolls into fun and educational kids’ crafts is an easy way to keep materials out of the landfill while boosting skills like creativity, problem-solving and sustainability. Get creative with your kids and turn those empty rolls into engaging learning activities!

FAQ: Answering Common Questions About Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Many kids and parents have questions about toilet paper roll crafts. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers to help you on your crafting adventure.

Are toilet paper rolls safe for kids?

Absolutely, toilet paper rolls are very safe for kids to use in craft projects. Make sure rolls are clean and dry before using. Supervise young children during any craft activity.

Do I need to seal or finish the crafts?

Sealing or finishing toilet paper roll crafts is optional. It can help strengthen and protect the craft, allowing it to last longer. Mod Podge, acrylic sealer, or decoupage medium work well for sealing paper mache or painted rolls. You can also laminate, frame or mount crafts to make them more durable. For crafts that won’t be handled much, sealing is not always necessary.

How can I decorate or embellish the rolls?

There are endless ways to decorate toilet paper rolls. Some ideas include:

  • Painting or stamping the rolls
  • Gluing on paper, fabric, ribbon or string
  • Adding stickers, tissue paper or wrapping paper
  • Drawing or doodling with markers, crayons or colored pencils
  • Using washi or decorative tape to adhere items to the roll

What are some basic tools I will need?

The great thing about toilet paper roll crafts is that you probably already have most of the supplies on hand. Some essential tools include:

  • Toilet paper rolls (of course!)
  • Glue (white school glue or tacky glue work well)
  • Scissors
  • Paint (tempera, acrylic or watercolor)
  • Brushes
  • Paper (construction, tissue, etc.)
  • Markers, crayons or colored pencils

How can I reuse toilet paper rolls in an eco-friendly way?

Reusing toilet paper rolls in crafts is a great way to reduce waste and be environmentally friendly. Some eco-conscious ideas include:

  • Making bird feeders, birdhouses or bird toys to hang outdoors
  • Creating pencil holders, pen cups or crayon holders
  • Making magazine holders or desktop organizers
  • Fashioning little planters or vases
  • Constructing puppets, animals or figurines for imaginative play

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