How to Make Easy Fairy Wands For Crafting a Magical World

You’re going to adore these bewitching fairy wands! As a mum who can’t get enough of fairy crafts with my little one, I’m over the moon to share how to magic up sparkly wands in a jiffy. When my daughter’s store-bought wands snapped, I worried fairy wand dreams would be dashed. But faster than a flick of Tinkerbell’s wrist, I conjured up pretty, durable wands. My girl’s jaw dropped in wonder when I revealed the wands, begging to keep them. With delightfully easy instructions, you’ll be crafting characterful wands for endless enchanting play in no time!

Gathering Supplies to Craft Beautiful Fairy Wands

To make these magical wands, you’ll need just a few basic supplies. First, gather some sticks from your backyard or purchase wooden dowels from a craft store. Look for sticks that are 6 to 12 inches long and about 1/2 inch thick.

Next, grab a hot glue gun and extra glue sticks. The glue gun will securely attach your star tops to the sticks. You’ll also want metallic acrylic paint, glitter and wax paper or foil to protect your work surface.

Paint and Glitter

The paint and glitter are what will make your wands shine and sparkle. Pick gold, silver or iridescent glitter and matching metallic paint. For an extra magical touch, use glitter glue or puffy paint in addition to loose glitter. Apply 2-3 coats of paint to the sticks, waiting for each coat to dry in between applications.

Creating the Star

To make the star wand topper, trace a star shape onto the wax paper with the hot glue gun. Make sure the star is at least 2 to 3 inches wide. Trace over the star shape with another layer of hot glue to create dimension. Fill in the centre of the star with more hot glue.

Let the glue dry completely, at least 10 to 15 minutes. Gently peel the star away from the wax paper. Attach the star to the top of a painted stick with more hot glue, holding it in place as it dries.

Your fairy wands are ready for adventures! These make wonderful party favours or gifts for imaginative little ones. For extra fun, consider adding ribbons, bells or small gemstones to decorate the wands.

Choosing the Perfect Sticks for How to Make Easy Fairy Wands

The most important part of any fairy wand is finding the perfect stick! For little hands, look for sticks that are around 6 to 12 inches in length and no thicker than a chopstick. Smooth, blemish-free sticks are ideal, but don’t fret if you can only find sticks with bumps or knots – the character will add charm!

Look for Natural Materials

Seek out natural materials like wooden sticks, bamboo sticks or dowels. Painted or treated wood can be tricky to glue and may not hold up as well. If using wooden sticks from outside, gently wash and dry them to remove any dirt before crafting.

Find the Right Size

For the perfect fairy wand, look for sticks that are easy to grip and wave around. Thinner sticks, around the thickness of a chopstick, work wonderfully for little hands. Slightly thicker sticks, up to the thickness of a wooden spoon handle, make great wands for bigger kids and adults. The stick should be long enough to look like a wand but short enough to easily wave and flick – generally 6 to 12 inches.

Add Some Bling!

Once you’ve found the perfect sticks, it’s time to make them magical! Glitter, gems, ribbons and paint are all you need to turn an ordinary stick into an enchanted fairy wand. Glue on a large gemstone or affix a ribbon to the end of the stick for an elegant look. For maximum sparkle, cover the entire stick in glitter and seal with mod podge or clear sealant. A coat of metallic spray paint in gold, rose gold or silver transforms a simple stick into a glamorous fairy wand.

With the perfect stick and a sprinkle of fairy dust, you’ll have a wand fit for any magical adventure! Wave those wands and let the enchantment begin!

Creating Magical Fairy Wand Stars With Hot Glue

You’re going to absolutely love making these fairy wand stars! All you need is a glue gun, some sticks, and a bit of glitter. This fun DIY project is perfect for kids and lets their imagination soar.

Gather Your Supplies

To get started, round up a few supplies: sticks, a glue gun, wax paper (or parchment paper), glue sticks, metallic paint, and glitter. The wax paper will prevent the star from sticking as the hot glue dries. Have extras on hand in case you make a mistake. A low-temp glue gun is easiest and safest for kids to use with supervision.

Design Your Star

Next, place your sticks on the wax paper and use the glue gun to trace a star shape at the top of each stick. Go slowly, building up the star with layers of hot glue. Make the star as big or small as you like! For an easier time later, put extra glue around the edge where the star meets the stick.

Add Some Sparkle

Once your stars have dried completely, gently peel them off the wax paper. Now comes the fun part—painting and adding glitter! Brush on metallic paint, like gold or silver, and sprinkle glitter over the top while the paint is still wet so it sticks. Shake off the excess glitter and set aside to dry again. The glitter and metallic sheen will make your wands shimmer and shine under the light.

Pretend and Play!

With your fairy wands complete, it’s time to tap into your imagination. Wave your wands, cast make-believe spells, and go on exciting adventures to faraway lands. These wands also make wonderful party favours or gifts. Your little fairies will be delighted with their magical new toys.

These fairy wands are simple to make but spark endless creativity. Have a magical time crafting and playing with your wands! May they bring out your inner child and whisk you away to a place of wonder.

Painting and Glittering Your Fairy Wand Stars

This is the most magical part—bringing your fairy wands to life! Once your star shapes have dried onto the sticks, it’s time to release your inner fairy godmother.

Gather your supplies

Have metallic acrylic paints, glitter, and brushes at the ready. Silver, gold, and iridescent paints work well for a fairy theme. Fine glitter in matching or complimentary colours is perfect for adding some sparkle. Small paint brushes will help you get into all the nooks and crannies of your stars.

Add some shimmer with paint

Apply a coat of paint to one side of the star. Let it dry slightly, then add another coat or two until you get an even, opaque colour. Repeat on the opposite side. For extra pizzazz, paint the stick under the star as well. The metallic sheen will make your wands shine and shimmer.

Sprinkle on the glitter

Here’s where the magic really happens! While the paint is still wet, gently sprinkle glitter over the painted areas. Tap off any excess over a tray or sheet of paper. The glitter will stick to the paint, giving your wands a dazzling, frosted look. Add as much or as little glitter as you like for your desired sparkle factor.

Seal it in

Once the paint and glitter have dried completely, seal your wands with a clear acrylic sealer or Mod Podge. This step protects your decorations and prevents the glitter from shedding. Apply 2-3 coats, waiting for each to dry in between.

Your enchanting fairy wands are now ready for imaginative play! These glittering, gleaming creations are sure to spark wonder and delight. May your wands spread fairy magic and joy to all who behold them! What fanciful costumes, tea parties, and adventures will they inspire? Let your imagination—and your fairy wands—take flight!

Assembling Your Fairy Wands

Gather Your Magical Supplies

To make these enchanting fairy wands, you’ll need a few essential supplies. Pick out some straight sticks from your backyard or purchase wooden dowels from the craft store. A glue gun is key for attaching the star to the top of the wand. Have extra glue sticks on hand. You’ll also want metallic paint in gold or silver and lots of colourful glitter to give your wands some serious sparkle!

Add a Magical Star

Now for the fun part – making the star! Place your stick on the wax paper and use the glue gun to trace a star shape at the top of the stick. Go over the outline again with another layer of glue to make the star base sturdy. Then fill in the centre of your star with glue until it’s covered. Add extra glue around the edges where the star meets the stick. This reinforces the bond and prevents the star from breaking off.

Paint and Glitter to Perfection

Once the glue has dried completely, you can paint and embellish your wand. Brush metallic paint over the entire surface of the star and stick. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle glitter over the wand until it’s coated in sparkles. Gently shake off any excess glitter. You can also glue on sequins, beads or ribbon to decorate the stick for an even more enchanting look.

Cast a Magical Spell

Your fairy wands are now ready to be waved and cast spells! These wands promote imaginative, open-ended play. Kids can pretend to be fairies, witches or wizards, using their wands to fly, turn invisible or cast playful spells on others. Make a whole set of wands for a fun kids craft or classroom project. With some ribbons, you can even turn them into fairy wand puppets for a magical show!

Let your creativity run wild and have fun making these easy DIY fairy wands. Who knew that with some sticks, glue, paint and glitter you could craft such a whimsical toy? Your little fairy fanatic will be delighted with their new handmade wand. Now go spread some magical fairy dust!

Fairy Wand Ideas: Customising and Personalising

You have the sticks and the materials, now comes the fun part—customising your fairy wands! The possibilities here are endless. Kids will love adding their own special touches to make a wand that’s uniquely theirs.

Add pretty ribbons, string or twine

Wrap ribbons, string or twine around the stick and tie off with a bow. Floral ribbons, metallic ribbons and twine all work great. You can also use ribbons to attach small bells, beads or charms for an enchanting jingle.

Painted designs

Get creative with paints, stencils or freehand draw swirls, stars, moons and flowers. Let the kids paint polka dots, stripes or peace signs. Gold, silver and iridescent paints give a magical shimmer. Seal the paint with mod podge or sealant spray for protection.

Glitter galore

Coat your wand in tacky glue or mod podge and roll in loose glitter for an explosion of sparkle. Or paint shapes and designs onto the wand and sprinkle glitter over the top while the paint is still wet. The more glitter the better!

Add pom poms, tassels or streamers

Pom poms, tassels and streamers dangling from the end of the wand make it look like it came straight out of a fairy tale. Choose colours to match the theme you want, like pastel pom poms for a spring fairy or black and purple for a Halloween fairy.

Attach charms and beads

Charms like stars, moons, dragonflies and fairies give a whimsical feel. Small metal or gemstone beads threaded onto the stick add shine and colour. Wire the charms and beads in place or glue dots also work well for adhering embellishments.

With some ribbons and paint, glitter and charms, you’ll have wands that any fairy would envy. Unleash your creativity and make magical fairy wands for hours of imaginative play! The kids can design wands for their fairy friends and host a fairy tea party. These custom wands also make wonderful gifts for any little fairy fan.

Fairy Wand Crafts for Kids: Classroom and Party Activities

Gather Your Supplies

To make these magical wands, you’ll only need a few simple supplies. Grab some sticks, a glue gun with extra glue sticks, metallic paint in gold or silver, glitter in coordinating colours, and wax paper. That’s it! These wands come together in a flash and dry quickly, so the kids can start playing right away.

Design Your Wand Topper

Heat up your glue gun, then place the sticks on the wax paper. Have the kids trace a star shape onto the top of their stick. Encourage them to make the star as big or small as they like! Apply a thick layer of hot glue over and around the star shape.

Add Some Sparkle

While the glue is still wet, sprinkle glitter over the entire star. For an extra special touch, brush some metallic paint onto the star before adding glitter. The glitter will stick right to the wet paint, creating a colourful, shimmery topper for the wand.


Once the wands have dried completely, usually just 10-15 minutes, they’re ready for playing make-believe! These wands inspire imaginative play as kids pretend to cast spells, talk to fairies, or go on magical adventures. You can also use the wands as part of a fairy costume for Halloween or dress up.

These fairy wands are so simple to make but yield such wonderful results. Kids will have a blast designing their own unique wands and then using them in creative fantasy play. What a fun craft project for a party, classroom, or just a rainy afternoon at home! Your little fairies will be delighted with their magical, one-of-a-kind creations.

Storing and Displaying Your Magical Fairy Wands

Congratulations, you now have your very own enchanting fairy wands! These whimsical wands are perfect for imaginative play and pretending to be fairies flitting about. Your little fairies will surely have hours of fun adventures in the backyard waving their wands and casting “spells”.

Once the wands are dry, find a special place to display them. You could hang them on the wall for decoration using double-sided tape, command hooks, or small nails. Another idea is to place them in a vase or jar, turning it into a fairy wand holder. For storage, you can bundle the wands together with ribbon or string and keep in a closet, bin or drawer.

These homemade fairy wands also make wonderful gifts for any little fairy lover. Consider giving them as party favours for a fairy themed birthday celebration or as a craft project at a fairy camp. The wands would be a magical memento of the special occasion.

To preserve the wands, avoid direct sunlight and humidity which can cause the paint and glitter to fade over time. Gently dust them occasionally to remove built up dust. With proper care and storage, these whimsical wands will last for several years of imaginative play.

Your little fairies will have hours of fun pretending to cast spells and go on adventures with these handmade wands. Unleash your creativity and make a whole collection of different styles. Try stars, moons, flowers or any shape you like. Use metallic paints, glitter and ribbon to decorate the wands in your own signature style. Most of all, have fun crafting with your little ones and join in their fairy adventures! Magic and whimsy await.

FAQ: How to Make Easy Fairy Wands

Are you looking to add a bit of magic and whimsy to your day? These charming fairy wands are just the ticket! Creating your own enchanting fairy wand is a cinch and oodles of fun. Kids of all ages, both little sprites and older fae, will be delighted with this budget-friendly project.

To craft your own wand, gather a few simple supplies: sticks, a glue gun, wax paper (aluminium foil also works in a pinch), extra glue sticks, metallic paint, and glitter galore. Once you have your bits and bobs, it’s time for the merrymaking to begin!

Heat up your glue gun and place your sticks on the wax paper. Trace the outline of a star at the tippy top of each stick. Apply a generous layer of hot glue over the surface of the star and down onto the stick. Really slather it on to get good coverage. Let your glue dry for a few minutes.

Gently peel the stars away from the wax paper. They should come off easily and maintain their shape. Paint the stars and sticks with shimmering metallic paint and shower them with handfuls of dazzling glitter while the paint is still tacky. Set aside to dry completely.

Your enchanted wands are ready for waving! These whimsical creations make wonderful party favours or classroom crafts. They also inspire hours of imaginative play. My little fairy princess has been having a ball casting make-believe spells and granting wishes with her new wand.

Have you been bitten by the fairy wand bug? There are so many ways to customise your creation. Try different coloured paints and varied glitters for a rainbow of wands. Add ribbon, string or yarn to the base of the wand for a handle. Attach small bells or charms for extra charm. The possibilities are as endless as a fairy’s laughter on a midsummer’s eve!

Let your creativity take wing and enjoy this whimsical craft. May your wands work magic and bring delight to all who behold them!


You know what I reckon, fairy fans? These dreamy wands are bloomin’ brilliant for any kid who adores everything magical and mystical! They’re so easy to whip up with bits and bobs from around the house, and the end result looks ever so pretty and sparkly.

I tell you, when my little ‘un saw me walk in with these handmade wands, her face was an absolute picture – pure wonder and delight! And I felt proper chuffed too, knowing I’d crafted something special she could really let her imagination run wild with.

Fairy play is flippin’ marvellous for developing creativity and imagination. So grab your craft supplies and let the magic unfold, my fairy friends! Make a whole bouquet of these stunners for a fairy tea party or role play adventure. Just look at those expectant little faces when you present them with a wand of their own – that’s all the reward you need!

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