Dinosaur Crafts: Preschool Ideas and Activities

Dinosaurs are always a hit with kids – and with good reason. From their fascinating physical attributes to their mysterious origins and colorful personalities, dinosaurs capture children’s imaginations like no other creature.

With that in mind, why not use these majestic animals as a tool for teaching and entertainment? Dinosaur crafts and activities are perfect for engaging preschoolers and helping them deepen their knowledge of prehistoric creatures.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with some fun dinosaur crafts and activities that can help spark your little one’s interest in the prehistoric world. We’ll also offer tips on how to make the most of each activity, so that your preschooler can get the most out of their new-found love of dinosaurs. So get ready to explore the captivating world of prehistoric creatures!

Making a Dinosaur Fossil With Nursery Kids

Introduce your kids to the fascinating world of dinosaurs with these fun dinosaur crafts and activities! The first one we’ll explore is making a dinosaur skeleton out of cardboard.

First, let your nursery kids gather their recyclable materials such as cardboard boxes, paper, and plastic containers. Then, help them cut out the shape of the bones for a full-size (or miniature!) dinosaur skeleton. You can measure out a template on a piece of paper or use an online resource to help you get started.

Once they’ve got their skeleton pieces ready, have your little ones assemble the bones and arrange them on top of a coffee table or activity mat. Now’s the time to teach them about the meaning behind each part of the bones and discuss what type of dinosaur it could be. For added fun, you can also include some crayons or paints so they can color in their own creation!

Creating a Dinosaur Habitat

Crafting projects can offer a great way for kids to explore the living habits of dinosaurs. To create a dinosaur habitat, you’ll first want to discuss with your kids about where dinosaurs lived and the different types of terrain that the various habitats were found in. For example, some dinosaurs lived on all continents, from hot deserts and warm jungles, to cold mountains and icy seas!

Once you’ve discussed various types of habitats, you can build a dinosaur habitat outside using blocks and mud/sand. Alternatively, if you don’t have a backyard or access to sand or dirt, you can make a dinosaur habitat project inside using things found around the house. Try making dioramas with foam stickers to represent trees, leaves using tissue paper, water made with blue paint or glass stones. You can even make little volcanoes with play doh!

By making their own prehistoric world, kids will gain an understanding of what it may have been like for dinosaurs to live millions of years ago – and it will also be lots of fun!

Design Your Own Dino-Theme Door Hanger

Designing a dino-theme door hanger with your kids can be a fun and educational activity to do together! With the right supplies and materials, you can easily make a door hanger with any dinosaur theme of your choice. Our kit comes with everything you need for the perfect project – including the door hanger, six paint pots, rope, and a paintbrush.

With our kit in hand, here’s what you can do:

  1. Select the body of the dinosaur from one of our many designs.
  2. Glue on any optional accessories (such as horns or feathers) to create your own unique dino-door hanger.
  3. Paint it in whichever color you like using any of the six paints provided.
  4. Attach a rope as a handle so that it’s easy to hang on doors or walls.
  5. Finally, display your completed masterpiece!

As if that’s not enough, we offer an irresistible deal – you can buy five items and get one item of equal or lesser value free when purchasing door hangers! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get crafting today!

Create Delicious Dinosaur-Shaped Cookies With Preschoolers

If you’re looking for a dinosaur-related activity that your preschoolers will love, why not create delicious dinosaur-shaped cookies? This fun activity is sure to bring out their inner paleontologist and have them screaming with delight as they bite into their creations. All you need are some pre-made cookie dough, rolling pins, dinosaur cutters, food coloring and your imagination! The end result will be an entire plate of amazing dino-healthy desserts that your little ones can proudly show off at the next family gathering.

Dinosaur Crafts for Preschool Kids

Dinosaur crafts are a great way to keep preschoolers engaged and entertained! Not only are they simple and fun to do, but they can also help teach important skills like color recognition. Here are some dinosaur crafts your preschooler is sure to love.

Paper Plate Crafts

Paper plate craft dinosaurs are great for a variety of ages, and can range from simple to complex. Try making paper plate fossils with your preschooler by having them cut out shapes for their dinosaur bones and glue them onto their paper plate.

Pom Pom Mats

Pom pom mats are another fun dinosaur craft that will have your young one engaged for hours! You can use different colors of pom-poms to create scales and shapes of your favorite dinosaurs. Plus, it’s a great way to teach basic motor and fine motor skills.

Sensory Play & Excavation

Dinosaur crafts don’t just have to be visual – create sensory play activities with your preschooler by making dinosaur shapes out of clay or play dough, burying them in a sandbox or tray, then having your little one dig up the ‘fossils’! It’s an excellent way to foster creative thinking while also teaching how fossils form over time.

Painting With Dinosaur Footprints

Painting with dinosaur footprints is a fun and easy way to learn more about dinosaurs with young kids. All you need are paint, paper and a few easy-to-make dinosaur feet!

First, create the dinosaur feet by cutting out shapes that resemble the footprints of your favorite dinosaur. You can also use objects around the house like spoons or tools to make different shaped impressions.

Next, dip the dinosaur feet into paint, or put some paint on paper and press them into the paint. Then place them onto paper to leave a colorful footprint. You can create an entire herd of dinosaurs with this activity!

Finally, use the footprints to talk about what they teach us about dinosaurs and how they lived. Discuss things like size and shape, foot placement and movement patterns – it’s a great way to explore dinosaurs in an engaging way!

Decorating Your Own ‘Dinosaur Eggs’

Bring an old-world wonder to your preschoolers by creating your own ‘dinosaur eggs’. With a few supplies and some imagination, you can make your own prehistoric decorations that will have the kids talking.

Decorating kits are available to make 24 plastic eggs into friendly dinosaurs, but you can also use paper mache to make dinosaur eggs. Hard-boiled eggs can also be dyed and marblized to create dinosaur eggs. Start by covering the hard-boiled egg with glue, then dip it into a mix of food coloring and water. Dry your egg before adding stripes or spots with additional colors. Finally, seal them with a layer of varnish for protection!

You can also use air-dry clay or papier mache to create dinosaur nests, which kids love. Have them form the nests from clay or paper strips and add pebbles from their outdoor play area for texture and variation. Once dry, paint them with bright colors, sparkles and fun designs that will look great as part of any dino-themed room décor!

10 dinosaur related activities for pre school kids

If you’re looking for some fun dinosaur-related activities for your preschooler, take a look at these 10 ideas! They’re sure to keep them busy and entertained while teaching them about dinosaurs!

  1. Kinetic Sand Dinosaurs: Kinetic sand can be shaped and molded into any shape you can imagine, perfect for creating a herd of dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes.
  2. Dinosaur Egg Art: Painting dinosaur eggs is a great way to introduce colors and textures.
  3. Dinosaur Fossils: Make real fossils by mixing baking soda, food coloring and water in a shallow dish. Place dinosaur figures in the mixture and allow it to dry overnight. Once dry, break the fossil apart to reveal your final product!
  4. Dinosaur Bingo: Bingo is always a hit with kids – especially when their favorite dinosaur is the star! Create custom bingo cards with different dinosaurs as the game tokens.
  5. Clubbed Tails: For younger children, clubbed tails are easy to make out of craft sticks or paper plates – this exercise helps them recognize the unique features of each type of dinosaur.
  6. Dinosaur Bones: To learn about how fossils form, provide your child with dried beans, spaghetti or other objects that they can use to create their own dinosaur bones in the sandbox!
  7. Finger Puppets: Personalized finger puppets are always a hit – let your child design their own puppet dino with markers, felt and googly eyes!
  8. Egg Hunt: Dinosaur eggs made by


Dinosaurs have always fascinated us and now, your little ones can get in on the fun with the help of dinosaur crafts. The best part is, there are many ideas that you can use to make the process of learning about dinosaurs fun, memorable, and easy. From easy-to-make paper dinosaur masks to more complicated paper mache heads, there is something that works for every skill level. With a little creativity and imagination, your little ones will be having a blast and learning all about dinosaurs in no time!

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