Creative Mother’s Day Crafts Kids Will Love

You want to make this Mother’s Day extra special for the most important woman in your life, but your little ones aren’t quite ready for a homemade breakfast in bed or handling sharp knives to cut fresh flowers. Not to worry, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up some creative kid-friendly crafts that are perfect for even the littlest helpers to make on their own or with minimal assistance from mum or dad. Whether it’s a handprint flower, photo magnet, or DIY bath and body product, these crafts are designed with small hands and developing skills in mind. Best of all, they’re personalised and from the heart. Your kids will have fun making these gifts and your mum is sure to cherish them for years to come. Let the crafting and memory making begin!

Setting the Stage: Make Mother’s Day Meaningful

Set the Stage for Quality Family Time

Making Mother’s Day meaningful starts with setting the right mood. Schedule quality time together without distractions. Turn off electronics and plan engaging activities to strengthen your connection.

Keep things lighthearted and low-key. Avoid perfectionism and focus on enjoyment, learning, and togetherness. Kids will cherish the memories of personal interaction and your full attention far more than any physical gift.

Provide opportunities for your child to express their love and appreciation in their own words. Have them create homemade cards or crafts and guide them to share what they most admire about their mom. Hearing heartfelt sentiments from your little ones will be the most cherished gift of all.

Choose developmentally appropriate crafts that allow for creativity and personalization. For young kids, handprint art, photo frames, or simple cards are perfect. Older kids can make dream boards, memory jars, or photo slideshows. Work on projects together for extra bonding and laughs along the way.

“The best gifts I’ve ever received from my kids are the homemade crafts and cards,” says mom of three, Jenny K. “I display them proudly every year and they remind me of the joy in each stage of childhood. Those personal touches mean the world to me.”

This Mother’s Day, give the gift of connection. Keep things simple, speak from the heart, and make cherished memories to last for years to come. Your time and attention are the most precious presents you can offer. Celebrate the woman who gave you the gift of life in a meaningful, heartfelt way.

Expert Tips: Age-Appropriate Crafts Foster Development

Expert crafters agree, the best Mother’s Day crafts for kids are age-appropriate, foster development, and encourage bonding.

For toddlers, focus on sensory experiences. Finger painting, play dough, stickers, and stamps help develop motor skills while unleashing creativity. Add in some glitter or feathers for extra fun! These open-ended activities promote self-expression and quality time together.

Elementary-aged kids will love card making, picture frames, or coupon books they can personalise. Have them trace their hand to make flowers or animals for a sweet homemade card. DIY photo frames decorated with ribbons, stickers, or painted popsicle sticks make cherished gifts. And coupon books for hugs, movie nights, or breakfast in bed nurture emotional connections.

Tweens and teens can handle more complex crafts like dream boards, memory boxes, or baked goods. Dream boards with pictures, words, and mementos of shared experiences tap into abstract thinking and future dreaming. Decorated memory boxes or photo albums preserve cherished moments. And baking favourite treats or decorating cupcakes together results in delicious memories.

The most meaningful Mother’s Day crafts come straight from the heart. Following your child’s lead and working side by side, moment by moment, creates an experience your mom will treasure for years to come. This Mother’s Day, keep it simple but personal. Focus on the joy of creating and connecting—the memories you make will be the real gift that lasts.

Picture Perfect: Frameable Keepsake Craft Ideas

Picture frames are a classic, thoughtful gift that can be personalised and treasured for years to come. For Mother’s Day, have your kids create frameable artwork or collages featuring family photos, handprints, or messages of love.

Handprint Keepsake

Have your child trace their hand on paper and cut it out. They can decorate the handprint however they like – stickers, stamps, sequins, buttons, ribbon, string, etc. Once complete, place the handprint in a frame for mom. This simple yet sentimental gift is perfect for young kids.

Photo Collage

A photo collage featuring family pictures is a wonderful way for kids of all ages to express their love and appreciation for mom. Have them arrange 4-6 photos on a sheet of cardboard or construction paper and glue them in place. They can get creative and spell out “Love You Mom!” or frame the collage in a heart shape. Add decorations like stickers, ribbon, or string to make it extra special before framing.

Loving Messages

For school-age kids and teens, creating framed messages or poems is a thoughtful DIY option. Have them write out personal messages, memories, or poems on decorative paper. They can do an acrostic poem using the word “mother” or “mom” as inspiration. Frame the messages individually or group several together in a larger frame for an extra special, heartfelt gift.

Picture perfect crafts like these create keepsakes both mom and kids will treasure for years to come. Making the gifts together also provides an opportunity for quality time and lasting memories. This Mother’s Day, encourage your kids’ creativity and watch their faces light up when mom opens such sentimental, frameable presents. A homemade gift from the heart is the best gift of all.

DIY Jewellery: Necklaces, Bracelets and More

Jewellery is always a thoughtful gift, and homemade jewellery crafted by little hands is extra special. Kids can make simple yet sentimental necklaces, bracelets and more for Mum this Mother’s Day. Check out our surfer necklace guide for kids for more ideas.

Memory wire bracelets

Memory wire is easy to bend and shape, perfect for little crafters. Have your child pick out beads, charms or gemstones and string them onto the wire. With some pliers, bend the wire into a circle to form a bracelet. These cute creations will wrap right around Mum’s wrist, reminding her of cherished memories with her little one.

Paper bead necklaces

Get creative with strips of coloured paper, glue and varnish. Show your child how to roll the paper tightly around a skewer or chopstick and secure with glue to make beads. Once dry, slide the beads off and string them onto yarn or cord to make a necklace. The texture and personalised colours will make this handmade gift extra special. These necklaces also last a long time if sealed properly with varnish.

Pasta necklaces

Uncooked pasta shapes like rotini, penne and waggon wheels also make great beads for kids’ jewellery projects. Have your child pick out different pasta and string onto yarn for Mum. Not only is it an inexpensive craft, but the pasta necklaces can also double as a sensory toy for little ones. Use non-toxic sealant to prevent breakage if desired.

Painted rock necklaces

Smooth rocks or pebbles collected from outside make perfect canvases for little artists. Have your child paint or decorate the rocks however they like and, once dry, string onto cord to make a necklace. The personalised designs and natural, earthy feel of these necklaces make them an extra thoughtful gift for Mum.

With some guidance, kids of many ages can make jewellery for Mum this Mother’s Day. Simple crafts like these foster creativity and strengthen the parent-child bond through a shared experience. And Mum will surely cherish these handmade gifts for years to come.

Homemade Coupons: From Backrubs to Breakfast in Bed

Homemade coupons are a sweet way for kids to show their appreciation for Mom. Have your little ones create personalised IOUs for hugs, a homemade card or picture, breakfast in bed, a chore coupon to help out around the house, or a movie night where Mom gets to pick the flick.

Kids will have fun being creative and thinking of ways they can gift experiences rather than material items. Coupons give children an opportunity to connect with their mothers in meaningful ways at their developmental level. Preschoolers can draw simple pictures to represent their coupon or have some help writing a short message. Elementary-aged kids will enjoy designing decorative coupons on their own. While teens may opt for a more minimalistic but stylish design.

Some delightful coupon ideas include:

  • A backrub or foot massage with scented lotion
  • Baking cookies or other treats together
  • A walk outside together
  • Reading a book or magazine of Mom’s choice
  • A car wash and vacuum
  • A get out of chores free card!

You can find free printable coupon templates online to get the creative juices flowing. Have your child personalise the coupons by doodling, adding stickers or washi tape, and of course signing their name. Laminate the coupons or slip them into decorative card holders or pockets to make them giftable.

Encourage your child to think of coupons featuring their special talents or skills. One mother shared, “My 8-year-old son made me a ‘Good for one Lego spaceship building session’ coupon. As a busy working mom, having that dedicated one-on-one time together was the most precious gift.”

Homemade coupons are a craft project that leads to cherished moments and memories. Most of all, they show Mom just how much she is loved and appreciated not just on Mother’s Day but every day.

Planting Seeds of Love: Kid-Friendly Garden Crafts

Planting seeds is a wonderful way for kids to express their love for Mom while learning and having fun. As seeds sprout and grow, children can gain an appreciation for nature and experience the joy of nurturing life. These garden crafts are perfect for little hands and developing minds.

Seed Cards or Bookmarks

For young children, have them collect flower petals, leaves and seeds to glue onto cardstock or recycled paper to make their own Mother’s Day cards or bookmarks. Kids can spell out “M-O-M” or “I Love You” with the materials. Laminate or seal the cards to preserve the nature pieces. Mom will surely cherish these homemade treasures for years to come!

Plantable Paper

Purchase plantable paper, or make your own by blending paper pulp with wildflower or herb seeds. Have your child draw or stamp a heartfelt message or picture on the paper. Once Mom plants the paper in soil, she’ll be delighted to see flowers and greenery sprouting that spell out her child’s name or “I Love You!” This eco-friendly craft fosters learning about plant life cycles in a very personal way.

DIY Seed Bombs

For school-aged kids, making seed bombs is a fun, hands-on activity. Have children mix clay, compost or paper pulp with wildflower seeds to form small balls. Let them dry completely. Kids can decorate the seed bombs with paint, stickers or by writing loving messages on them. Give the seed bombs to Mom as a bouquet – she can then throw them in the garden, where the seeds will sprout into a sea of blossoms.

Nurturing seeds and watching new life emerge is a heartwarming experience for both children and their mothers. These DIY garden crafts allow kids to express their affection in an eco-friendly, meaningful way while unleashing their creativity. And for Mom, each blossom will serve as a sweet reminder of her child’s thoughtfulness and love.

Get Messy!: Playful Paint and Clay Craft Ideas

Getting messy with paints and clay is a fun, creative way for kids to make memorable Mother’s Day gifts. Sensory crafts stimulate development in little ones while engaging their imagination. Best of all, the imperfections and personal touches will make these handmade gifts extra special for mom.

Finger paint cards

Finger painting is a perfect tactile experience for toddlers and preschoolers. Have your child dip their hands in washable tempera paint and press onto folded cardstock to make colourful handprint cards. Once dry, open the cards and have your child glue on googly eyes and a smile to turn the handprints into cute creatures. Finish by writing a heartfelt message inside.

Salt dough magnets

Mix flour, salt and water into pliable dough, then roll it out flat. Have your child press small trinkets, stones or beads into the dough to make imprints, then cut shapes around them. Bake the dough in a low oven until hard, then glue magnets onto the back. These custom keepsakes will brighten up any fridge!

Painted flower pots

Buy small terracotta pots and acrylic paints in your child’s favourite colours. Have them paint and decorate the pots however they like – splatter, dots, handprints or footprints. Once dry, fill the pots with soil and plant seeds or small flowers. These make wonderful gifts for a gardening mom and a fun, open-ended craft for kids.

Clay vases or bowls

Roll and shape air-dry clay or polymer clay with your child to make simple vases, bowls or containers. Press in beads, stones or shells for texture and have them etch in designs using toothpicks. Let everything dry completely, then they can paint their creations. Fill vases with flowers or place bowls on the counter to hold keys – mom will cherish these handcrafted gifts for years to come.

Getting creative with your kids is the perfect way to celebrate mom. Playful, open-ended crafts stimulate their imagination while making cherished keepsakes for someone special. And the messier the better! A little chaos and lots of laughter will make the experience memorable for you both. Why not put on some tunes, spread out some old newspapers and get messy this Mother’s Day? Mom is sure to love whatever you make her.

Share the Love: Community Art Projects

Community art projects are a great way for kids to show their love and appreciation for Mom in a collaborative way. Getting a group together to create something bigger than what one child could do alone builds a sense of togetherness and shared experience.

Consider organising a mural. Get a large sheet of butcher paper or cardboard and have the kids paint, draw or collage images and messages onto it. You might suggest a theme like ‘What we love about our mums’ or ‘The many faces of motherhood’. Have each child contribute something personal and unique. Display the finished mural prominently at your school, community centre or place of worship.

A memory quilt or blanket is another meaningful group project. Ask children to create fabric squares decorated with pictures, poems or messages celebrating their mothers or mother figures. Sew or tie the squares together into a blanket or quilt. This provides warmth and comfort for years to come in a very symbolic way.

Planting a special garden is a living, growing memorial to motherhood. Choose flowers, plants or trees that represent nurturing and love. Consider a mix of perennials and annuals so the garden blooms season after season. Let each child choose something special to plant and include a marker with their name and a dedication to their mum. Tending the garden as a community over the years ahead will strengthen the bonds between families.

However you choose to come together, a collaborative art project sends a powerful message of love and support. It highlights the village it takes to raise children and honours the profound impact mothers have on shaping communities. Most importantly, it gives kids an opportunity to express themselves in a meaningful, hands-on way. The results are sure to be treasured for years to come. Why not get creative and spread the love? Our mums deserve nothing less.

Let Their Light Shine: Lanterns, Luminaries and More

Kids will love making luminarias or lanterns to light up their mom’s special day. These whimsical crafts are simple to make yet create a magical glow when lit up. Best of all, your little ones can personalise them by decorating however they like.

Paper Bag Luminarias

Recycle paper bags into colourful luminarias. Have your kids decorate the bags with stickers, stencils, stamps or drawings. Once dry, cut out shapes or their mom’s name from the decorated side. Place a battery-operated tealight or small LED inside each bag before lining walkways or windowsills. The light will shine through the cut-outs for an enchanting effect.

Tissue Paper Stained Glass

Get crafty with tissue paper and contact paper or laminate sheets. Have your child cut out shapes from black contact paper to make a frame. Then, help them layer bits of coloured tissue paper inside the frame, overlapping the edges. Once done, seal another sheet of contact paper over the top and trim off any excess. Display in a sunny window—the light will filter through the tissue paper, creating a stunning stained glass effect.

Pasta Luminarias

For a fun twist, fill glass jars or vases with cooked pasta like rotini, bow ties or waggon wheels. Add a tealight or LED and the pasta will glow and sparkle. Let kids decorate the jars beforehand with stickers, washi tape or paint for a custom look. The pasta luminarias make wonderful table centrepieces or line walkways and entryways.

Painted Flower Pots

Have your budding artists paint terra cotta flower pots to use as luminarias or planters. Once dry, they can add decorations with stickers, stencils or freehand doodles. Place a candle or LED inside and the light will shine through the drainage hole and any cut-out shapes in the pot. For an extra special touch, plant flowers in some pots to give as gifts.

Moms will surely cherish these heartfelt, handmade luminarias and the memories created making them. Most of all, she’ll appreciate the light your kids bring to her world each and every day.

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